If you want to get liquid heating and cooling systems like an air conditioner, chiller, and heat pump, you can contact BLUEWAY. It is also the recommended brand by the famous Hilton Hotel in the domestic market and provides energy-saving solutions along with a quick response.

Product Development:

It develops its intelligent control system like a high temperature heat pump with precise timing, temperature control, and remote monitoring function.

Manufacturing Center:

It keeps doing product upgrades & refining technology of products including Hot Water Heater, Pool Heater, Swimming pool dehumidifier, Residential and Commercial Air Conditioners, and many more.

R&D Capacity:

Some of the members of the R&D team have 20-25 years of experience in Air Conditioning and Heat Pump industry products like Industrial Chiller.

Advanced Laboratory:

Its laboratory has highly advanced and sophisticated systems along with instruments and is able to simulate harsh weather conditions down to -25℃ and up to 60℃ and help in making products like high temperature heat pump.


Their products can be used as pool dehumidifier, Industrial water heating and cooling purpose, Heating, Cooling & sanitary hot water for houses, and many more.

Market Overview:

It is one of the leading HVAC manufacturers in China. 70% of its products like Industrial Chiller have been exported to oversea markets like Australia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, South Africa, and South America and have obtained worldwide recognition.

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