The other way of getting a little trickier is to freeze durian, which sounds a little strange at first. But it is going to be really delicious at the same time. However, the method of preserving durian meat by the freezing method has already gained widespread acceptance in today’s market. Because it has many advantages and is suitable for a variety of uses on Fruitbuzzasia. And it is just as good as eating actual durian ice cream. As it has all the advantages of Frozen Durian Supplier Malaysia.

Frozen Durian Supplier Malaysia

Here are some tips on how to freeze durians

  1. In order to separate the meat from the casing of the durian, Frozen Durian Supplier Malaysia, you need to make a regular casing.
  2. Meat from durians should be cleaned and dried.
  3. In order to keep the durian meat as fresh as possible, freeze the meat at a temperature of about -40 degrees Celsius to -60 degrees Celsius (since if the temperature is below -40 degrees Celsius, the durian meat and water will separate, so the meat will no longer be appetizing).
  4. The durian meat can be stored in the freezer between -25°C and -35°C once it has hardened.

Frozen durians have many advantages over fresh durians

  1. There is a possibility of preserving durian meat for longer periods of time.
  2. In order to prepare it before freezing, a variety of methods can be used, such as beef with seeds, lamb with seeds, and meat smoothies, among others.
  3. The meat of the durian can be consumed in various ways, such as frozen like ice cream, by waiting 10 minutes for it to soften a little, or can be processed into other products using the frozen durian meat.

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