Meishida-led begins with LED extrusions, also known as LED profiles, extruded LED housings, or channels. To complete our LED fixtures, the extrusions are joined with LED strips and accessories, allowing us to optimize the applications and uses for LED light strips.

LED Extrusions

Perks of Aluminum Extrusions for LED Lighting

Aluminum extrusions are commonly utilized for Led Strip Profile, despite the fact that metal extrusions can be made from a variety of materials. It is great for LED housings and LED strips because of its thermal and electrical conductivity. Aluminum also has the following mechanical advantages for LED lighting:

1.    High-strength
2.    Lightweight
3.    Corrosion-resistance
4.    A wide range of aluminum alloy grades and choices are available.

LED Extrusions

Advantages of Recyclable LED Channels for Lighting

LED profile extrusions provide design benefits whether you employ LED channels for surface, recessed, or suspended lighting choices.

1.    Use both inside and outside
2.    Overheating avoided.
3.    Light reflected/difused.
4.    LED light heat dissipation
5.    Strength ensures a consistent shape
6.    LED housing for professionals

Aluminum extrusions provide a versatile option to safeguard your LED strip lights when it comes to mounting. Dust and dirt can be kept out of your strip lighting with an LED channel. Extrusions, which are frequently available with diffuser coverings, give your lighting a professional look.

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