It is common to use Medical ice bag and heating pads as orthopaedic treatments.
Ice therapy Medicine pouches is most commonly used for recent wounds. Apply ice when swelling is a problem after a recent injury (within the last 48 hours). In addition to reducing swelling and bleeding, ice packs can relieve pain and muscle spasms.

Medicine pouches

After injuries like ankle sprains, ice packs are often use to relieve pain. The first 48 hours after an injury should be spent applying an ice pack to minimize swelling, and reducing swelling will help to control pain. In addition to chronic conditions, ice treatments can be use to treat overuse injuries in athletes. The injured area should be ice after activity to help control inflammation.

Medicine pouches


  1. An Medical ice bag also relieves muscle and joint aches, sprains, and cramps.
  2. It provides cryotherapy to relieve headaches, minor injuries, and muscle soreness, as well as soothing your headaches, injuries, and inflammation.
  3. Pain relief applications for pharmacy ice bags, 1 count
    Key advantages include immediate pain alleviation.
    Guidelines for Use
    Just add ice cubes also cold water, or both to the remaining 1/3.
    • Snap the leak-proof cap shut, then use.
    Information about Safety
    • Wash your hands in cold water.
    • also Don’t fill an ice bag with hot water.
    Essential Elements: Cold treatment

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