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Know Different Kinds of LED Used For the Industrial Sector

LED lights or Waterproof LED Panel Light emitting diode lights have proven their cost-effective and environmentally energy efficient nature. With their advent into normal lighting functions, these LED lights in other domains have also been explored. It includes the use of flexible LED strips in a variety of places as well as in practical places.

Some of the suggested uses for LED strips are in the headlights of cars’ bottom of headlamps in other vehicles. It requires the soldering of wires with the LED lights of the headlamps, and the results are excellent, especially for those who like the cool lighting effects.

The flexible LED lights can also be used as decorative articles, especially in Christmas tree decorations or where hang up for special needs lights. These are especially advantageous in places with snowfall, and people still like to put up the festive lights. The waterproof LEDs offer this advantage since they are not affected by moisture.

Waterproof LED Panel Light

Waterproof LED Panel Light is also use in lighting water tanks in aquariums and swimming pools where illumination is necessary. The major manufacturers of LED waterproof strips are Chinese companies. They also offer LEDs in various colors, which is in great competition with the regular CFL lights or fluorescent lights.

Citizen LED Track Light have taken added a new equation to lighting technology. Highly efficient and cost-effective LED lights score much higher than other standard lights. And they are more attractive to add a touch of class to any area. LED lighting can be installed at the appropriate location whenever there is a need to highlight specific areas. Dark and shadowy areas can eliminate by using these lights to illuminate your space with warm or cool shades.

You can use either of these light shades, all of which are natural. LED lighting can do everything if you want to lighten your kitchen or your workspace. Today’s LED track lighting can cope with all kinds of lighting requirements easily. Commercially known as light bars, these LED track lights bring a new meaning to track lighting.

CRI90 LED Track Light is far ahead of regular lights. The LED bulbs save a lot more energy than standard bulbs. You can even adjust the various light streams around the area in any way you like. It is a massive advantage over more conventional lighting. Moreover, LED lights are much more focused so that your rooms are lit correctly. If you choose an LED with a dimpled lens, you can increase the dispersion of the light to a greater extent. Many houses are lit from the roof or the ceiling, which casts shadows on the furnishings in the room. But LED track lights solve this problem by adding sparkle to every single corner of the room. Hence, LED track lighting is an excellent addition room, whether at home or in an office.

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AATECH LED Offer Good Quality LED Track Light

AATECH ensures quality Shapeable LED track light and responsiveness by employing manufacturing processes based on ISO and IPC standards. We perform 100% visual inspection for all incoming materials, make sure use the real qualified materials before production, — keeping customers informed and protected from potential field failures.

Shapeable LED track light is a private patent design light, with multi functional modules to achieve different environment using. Our led panel light and also lighting accessories are available from most electrical wholesalers.

Shapeable LED Track Light


Private patent design shapeable lens (with Europe patent);

Change the spot shape freely: round, square,rectangle, parallelogram,diamond,triangle and any irregular quadrilateral,etc;

3 layer physical damping technology, good touch feeling, zooming with no discolation or sliding (own this technology patent) ;

Light uniformity >90%, smoothly brightness, no spot shadow;

Available Triac, 1-10V, DALI, 2.4G, DMX control;

Shapeable lens beam angle 20-40°;

Available any photochrome or logo projection (see right photo);

Are you looking for the best online LED lights sellers or manufacturers? If yes! Then AATECH is here to offer you the best and the top quality of LED lights in bulk. Now, you can buy one of the high qualities of LED lights in bulk.

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High Lumen LED Track Light enhance elegance and beauty in the installation spaces. It has a greater flexibility thanks to swivel-and-tilt joints. It is mainly used for interior decoration by providing less powerful lighting. You’ll also benefit from using less energy and make great savings with cost effective LED ceiling track lights. It is perfect option for color rendering and makes it especially recommended for lighting retail or exhibition.

RGBW Panel Light with 2.4G controller and remote control. We Support recessed, suspended, surface mounted installation, Non-dimming, 0~10v dimming, cct dimming, DALI, Mean well and also UGR<19 available.

CRI90 LED Down Light is wildly used in Hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, living room, corridor etc. In addition, customized CCT and CRI available. Free soldering design, which is convenient for assembly and customer can change any parts and quickly.

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How UVC Purifier Light benefit you in 2022?

Light from UVC Purifier Light is a type of radiation that is not visible to the naked eye because it’s a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

There is a form of light called ultraviolet light that lies just outside the visible spectrum for humans. UV light has a shorter wavelength than visible light but a longer wavelength than X-rays. UV light represents about 10% of the sun’s output.

The use of UVC Purifier Lights can drastically reduce the number of harmful toxins in the air so that can affect our respiratory health. Unfortunately, we encounter many problems daily that can affect our respiratory health.

Nevertheless, there is still a serious problem: people don’t know what benefits this device offers. This is why we will list the top benefits that will show us how beneficial this device can be for our health.

Pet hair and dandruff should be filtered-

Hair and dandruff are everywhere in our homes. Cat dander, in particular, is small and sticky when deposited on surfaces. The UVC Purifier Light has a prefilled that captures hairs in suspension and a HEPA filter that captures dandruff.

UVC Purifier Light

Removes odors-

The most common air purifiers that use UV light usually have an active carbon filter. This filter is responsible for trapping organic compounds present in the air and accountable for foul odors.

Clean-up Reinforcement-

We must always keep particles in suspension when we clean a room, so when we are finished, they will be deposited again on the floor, the furniture, and finally, on any surface.

Using a UV light air purifier, these particles will be removed constantly. So when released, they won’t be deposited, and if they aren’t deposited, they don’t need to be cleaned.

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