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Why Do Cooker Hoods Crack and Get Damaged?

You may be able to avoid harm by knowing the most common causes of Glass Top Gas Stove cracking.
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Make sure your utensils have flat, smooth bottoms. The best pots and pans to use are those made of aluminum or stainless steel.

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Cookware made of copper and enamel should be avoided. As a result, you may end up with residue on your cooktop, which can accumulate over time and cause further damage.
Ceramic, cast iron, and porcelain cookware tend to be heavy and have rough bottoms, which increases the risk of scratches when dragged across a glass stove top.

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It is important to clean up spills of food as soon as possible. To avoid chemical damage or burn hazards, ensure the cooktop is off and completely cooled before doing so.
Store ceramics and glass dishes away from your stove, as they could break and break the glass.
Put pots and pans on or remove them from the stovetop without slipping.
Pan and pot bottoms should be kept clean. Transferring pots between burners should also be done carefully to avoid impact damage.
Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations to extend the life of your stove.

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