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Dooyiondtf.Com: Buy the Best Quality Dtf Ink Online

Premium DTF ink is available from dooyiondtf.com for Epson print heads and printers. These are direct-to-film printing inks that have been created to function with various DTF printers. Vibrant colors may be printed using dooyiondtf.com DTF ink on dark and light-colored materials.

A carefully chosen assortment of premium colorants also enables printing vivid graphics with saturated colors without sacrificing the wash performance properties. In addition to premium hot melt powder with excellent binding properties and top-notch PET films compatible with various materials, dooyiondtf.com now offers Epson DTF ink.

The DTF White Ink, one of the best White DTF inks on the market, is another specialty of dooyiondtf.com DTF printing inks. Dooyiondtf.com White DTF inks give the other colors utilized in the DTF printing process the most intensity and vividness. To find out if we’re available in your area, contact us.

Does DTF Require Special Ink?

No, special DTF ink is needed for DTF printing. DTG ink will bleed and blend with white and CMYK when printed on DTF film. My DTG printer accepts DTF ink. So you can print shirts with DTF ink on your DTG printer.

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