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Beautiful printed LED panel light from AATECH

AATECH offer LED panel light with print photo, special size and customized panel photos available


1) Super bright LED Panel Light 40W source, high light efficiency >120lm/W, energy saving more than 80% and Eco-friendly, smoothly light for our eyes;
2) Aluminum alloy frame with anti-static thermoplastic coating, corrosion resisting and antioxidant;
3) With ENEC, TUV, CE approved driver, PF> 0.95, flicker free;
4) Mitsubishi acrylic(PMMA) light guide plate, never turn yellow;
5) Special circuit layout and good heat dissipation, lifespan more than 50000 hours;
6) Beautiful appearance, elegant, lightweight, untra-thin;
7) Easy installations: Recessed , Mounted, Suspension, Embedded installation are available.


Mounted LED Panel Light widely used in Commercial purposes,Conference&Meeting rooms, Residential Buildings, Home,Office , School, Library,Factory, Warehouse, Hotel, Casino, Hospital,Commercial Center, Supermarket, Shopping mall etc.


Unpacking Inspection

1) Open the package,check the product carefully,take the product carefully.
2) If the reisany damage on the product,please keep the product package and contact us in time.
3) Please don’t try to use the damaged products


1)Please used the corresponding power supply,don’t try to use other companies provide power supply.
2)In order to ensure the product to work properly,please use with the scope of the the nominal voltage of the power supply.
3) When you install or disassemble the panel light, please cut power off to avoid electric shock risk.
4)Do not long time look straight in to the led light source,high intensity of light can cause eye in jury If appear the following things,please ask the professional electrician form maintenance service,please do not arbitrarily disassembled.
1)Electronic components suffered when rain water or other liquid splashes.
2)Products produced odor smell,abnormal noise or unusual flashing.

Fault diagnosis

If not improper operation,please Confirm Whether caused by the following reasons. If you take instruction method,still can’t solve the problem,discontinue use and contact the qualified electrician technician.

1) Phenomenon:After power on,the light is not bright.

Deal Moshed:Carefully check that all wiring is correct connect.

2) Phenomenon:After power on,the light is flashing.

Deal Moshed:Please ask for the professional electrician help,weather the power supply voltage is lower than the requirement.

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