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Aatech Offer Advance LED Lights For Clients

Aatech offers a wide variety of LED lights and LED Panel Light. Our business specializes in growing LED lighting so that undergo specific studies, modifications, and stringent high-quality manipulate measures to make sure a grade exceptional and extremely good electricity-saving skills and hold them less costly for our customers.

LED Germ Killing Disinfection Lighting are the best options to improve life living. We promote exclusive sorts of LED lighting nationally and across the world. Our employer is a renowned and hardworking manufacturer and wholesaler of a massive variety of LED lighting.

LED Panel Light

We offer all indoor, outdoor, business, and business lighting—the professional help to help in on line purchasing without causing any inconvenience. We’re imparting the nice coupled with an intensive variety at the maximum competitive price. So, people can speak your LED panel desires, and we can design the pleasant-customized lights.

You could purchase LED Light on line from anywhere within the global from us. We’ve obtained loads of patents, such as trendy warmth sink technology, and had been awarded numerous worldwide awards. To purchase Frameless LED Panel mild, you can test out our range of Germicidal Light panels. Our designers, engineers, and income group try for perfection and offer top class high-quality services and products for customers worldwide. To recognize more about the range of LED lighting and panels, you can visit our reputable website.

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Furthermore information about our products:-

LED Down Light Supplier | 600mm Diameter Panel Light | LED Panel 600x600mm | Ballast compatible LED Tube | High Brightness LED Tube | Flicker Free LED Ceiling Light | LED Ceiling Light 24W

New Nano material LED Air Purifier Panel light

The surface of PC cover is coated with Nanomaterial Purifier Silver and Titanium Dioxide and the filters are also soaked with Nanometer Silver and Titanium Dioxide. When the bacteria or virus in air touch the surface of the Nanometer coating or filters, then they will be killed.

Nanomaterial Purifier

Nanomaterial Purifier

1. Silver ion reacts with hydrogen sulfide ion in bacteria and inhibits its reproduction
2. Produces superoxide free radicals and breaks down the bacteria
3. Material surface is with electric charge that pull the membranes of bacteria & Sanitizing Light, cause rupture and bring bacteria to death

The fixture is installed with centrifugal industrial fan which is powerful and silent with less noise when it works. Air comes into the intake and goes out through the outlet. The inhaled air will be purified by getting rid of the floating particles and automatically killing bacteria and virus in air.

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There are some our Products:-

Nanomaterial Purifier
Sanitizing Light
Air Purifier Light
LED Air Purifier Light
Photocatalyst Air Purifier
Waterproof LED Panel Light