Yesla Film is a renowned company which offers a wide range of protective films for people. Our film protects glass & Marble Protective Film surfaces during transportation and installation or permanently. The protective glass film for glass gives highly effective protection to both internal and external windows from plaster and paint splashes. Glass Protective Film is specially design to protect windows and glass during construction. It is a self-adhesive material design to laminate glass on a window or door, making it shatterproof.

Marble Protective Film

It ultimately redefines the subject of screen protection thanks to its unique material composition. The film is a simple, cost-effective solution to many of the challenges of working with glass. It is made from tempere glass and guarantees protection from bumps and scratches. In addition, the film is create as a temporary solution to protect glass surfaces from damage, paint spills, dust, and construction debris.

Marble protective film protects marble and granite pieces from damage during storage and transportation. It protection film is easy to stick and tear. It helps to protect marble and granite pieces from damage during storage and transportation. The films are design to protect all types of solid surfaces and laminates. It solves the marble etching and staining challenges in the stone industry and the commercial and residential markets. It is mainly used for floor surface protect. Include hardwood floor surface, marble floor surface, and floor tile surface.

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