If you’re tired of your typical, old-fashioned massage table and facial bed, it may be time to upgrade to an electric model. Electric facial beds and massage tables have the potential to transform your workday, allowing you to give better facials and massages in less time while improving your overall health at the same time. Here are just a few benefits electric facial bed and massage tables can offer you and your clients!

What is an electric facial bed?

An electric facial bed is designed to provide a level of massage therapy that falls between the massages best suited for deep tissue. And those which are most ideal for gentle back and neck muscles. The electric beauty bed combines the gentleness you get from more basic models with the type of massage you would get from more expensive ones.

It’s like getting both types of massage at once, but without ever having to use your hands!

What are the advantages of using an electric face massager?

Electric face massagers are becoming increasingly popular as people discover their potential benefits. Electric massage beds can be used for various reasons depending on your needs. Some benefits include using the electric beauty bed to reduce wrinkles, improve skin quality, and relieve aches and pains with deep tissue massage.

Lessening headaches by stimulating specific pressure points around the face and scalp and facilitating better sleep by helping increase oxygen flow to the brain.

How does it work?

Electric facial beds, sometimes referred to as electric beauty beds are designed to be more comfortable than traditional face masks, the best massage table, and more beneficial. These beds use air compressors, pressure, and heat pads to do their work. 

The pressure pads will vary depending on the desired use- gentle pressure for a basic massage table or a vibrating place for deep tissue massages. This differentiates them from traditional face masks that need manual input from the practitioner for continued treatment.

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