When it comes to silver, it’s important to learn how to avoid being scammed. There are a lot of dealers who take advantage of consumers’ lack of knowledge about silver prices and quality. Would you like a sterling silver bracelet, 925 Sterling Silver Necklace, or 925 Sterling Silver EarRings set?

When buying pieces like these, shoppers need to think about more than just the style. They need to check to make sure they’re authentic.

Due to this, some sellers claim silver-plated jewelry is sterling silver, but in fact, it’s silver-plated. In order to avoid being duped, you should know the warning signs to look out for.

If you are allergic to nickel, you should avoid wearing fake jewelry since you might break out in a rash.

925 Sterling Silver Necklace


If you pick up a sterling silver bracelet, it should be stamped with .925 sterling silver. All genuine sterling silver jewelry will display this stamp.

Since sterling silver is mixed with copper to make it hard and durable, it also tarnishes. This is because copper reacts with oxygen, moisture, and sulfur in the air. This is why you need to clean sterling silver regularly to keep it looking shiny.

Look out for dull patches or small black marks on any piece of jewelry before you buy it. Tarnishing is not necessarily a bad thing when shopping for jewelry. In fact, sterling silver tarnishing is a sign that it’s genuine.

Real sterling silver rings are particularly prone to tarnish on their insides when they contact skin. You can polish the inside of your ring with a softer cloth or dip it into a jewelry cleaning solution, and it will be as good as new.

Take a soft white cloth and rub it over the tarnished part of the ring after you’ve checked the rings for tarnishing. Suppose you’re shopping for antique sterling silver rings. Genuine sterling silver should leave some black marks on the cloth after cleaning; if the cloth comes away spotless, either it’s exceptionally clean, or it’s not .925 sterling silver.

925 Sterling Silver Rings Wholesale


Authentic sterling silver is not affected by magnets. If you have a magnet handy, you can experiment with it to see if it creates a strong attraction to the jewelry you’re testing. If it does, walk away. This is a clear indication that it’s fake. You can use this test to identify real gold, too.


In the case of our rings, we provide certification if any parts are true .925 sterling silver. Therefore, we will always list the materials if reputable retailers sell items that mix materials. Choose a transparent and honest retailer about their materials and sources. Our rings are made of quality tungsten and wood.

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