Pergolas offer a pleasant, shaded space that can affect the temperature inside in addition to being a casual location for entertaining guests or lounging outside.

The placement of your outdoor pergola is determined by the layout of your house and the direction that the primary living areas face. Of course, since the sun sets towards the west, it would make sense to build a covered pergola on the west side of your house, but that isn’t always the best or most workable option.

Pergolas are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to complement the architectural elements of your current home. If you wish to heat or cool the room, you can choose from a variety of roof types that either reflect or draw the sun’s rays.

Additionally, Pergola Shutters provides a free design service to help you decide where your patio will go best. They may also recommend the best layouts for perfectly fusing your new outside gathering space with your indoor space.

The process of building your patio shouldn’t take long, regardless of whether individuals want to do it themselves or hire a professional pergola installation crew to do it for them.

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