Down light housing available in flawless designs are good at creating great light ambience once they are installe in ceilings, hotel halls, homes and supermarkets. Specially covere in top quality poly carbonate material, down lights are make using high tensile metal springs and thus offer the perfect fit for a very long span of time. Down lights are available in varied specifications and with appealing potentials. Such lights are best use in hotels, supermarkets, offices and residential apartment for the purpose of illumination.

LED gas station Light

Fuel and gas stations are frequently visite retail places. The gas and fuel stations of the modern times do not just offer required fuel and gas but have also become significant hubs for food and beverage. Since they witness a lot of vehicle and foot traffic, quality lighting is of huge importance at these stations. And this is only possible with the use of specifically designed LED gas station light.

LED tunnel light

An LED tunnel light is preferred for making the illumination of tunnels more affordable. Because of energy savings and safety, LEDC tunnel lights are increasingly preferre. These lights have long working life; high efficiency and great stability. For tunnels of desired length, there are tunnel lights in desired power with on-site installation facility available.

. Die Casting Down Light housing

OEM Customized Round LED Down Light LED Downlight Housing Led housing Led heatsink for Lighting The finished is Sandblasting ,Painting and Powder coating colors can be customized.

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